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LOKtouch™ is a Master Key System that features wireless stand-alone electronic cylinders powered by electronic keys. The electronic cylinders are easily retro-fitted to replace mechanical lock cylinders in existing doors, cabinets, drawers and padlocks. Installation is an efficient process in comparison to other wireless or hard wired systems.

The LOKtouch™ system is adaptable to your security needs. It can be used in almost any location, from securing a small office or factory to providing access control for large scale applications such as schools, universities and businesses with multiple sites, in different locations, using a single system.

LOKtouch™ is a licensed product of the MLAA, and is only supplied by Master Locksmiths, assuring your professional guarantee.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast & Easy to Install
    Cylinders simply retrofit to existing locks and door hardware, providing instant access control
  • Audit Trails
    Each Key stores over 3000 access events, & every lock captures the last 8 access events. Audit trail data provides you with comprehensive information on key usage and in your system.
  • Blocked Keys
    Stolen or lost keys can be easily blocked or removed from a system. No need for expensive and time consuming re-keying and time to implement blocked or stolem keys is much more efficient.
  • Wireless
    Cylinders are powered by the Key. No expensive wiring to connect the locks required The User Key has a battery life of up to 50,000 openings. 
  • Flexible Access
    Manage your security by setting access control to suit the needs of your system.
  • Fast
    Worked by Near Field Communication (NFC) the encrypted transmission of access information between key and lock is fast.
  • High Security
    The unique key is secure against traditional manipulation attacks such as picking or lock-bumping.
  • Comprehensive
    Extensive range of cylinders and padlocks specifically designed to suit the Australian market. 
  • Professional Guarantee
    The LOKtouch system is only available through Members of the Master Locksmiths Association and backed by the Master Locksmiths Association Professional Guarantee.
  • Software
    You have the option to manage your own system with the LOKtouch software to allow you immediate access to audit information and make urgent changes to your system. Alternatively, the system can be managed for you by your LOKtouch Dealer. 

Aus Lock & Safe is a member of the Master Locksmith Association and is an accredited distributor of LOKtouch. 

For a quote and onsite demonstration on LOKtouch call us on (03) 9315 5900.