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COVID-Safe Solutions

COVID-19 Safe Security Solutions

As COVID-19 restrictions maintain in force, workplaces, schools, retail, medical facilities and other group spaces have an increased responsibility to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff.

New security technologies can help businesses reopen and return to a new normal. Providing businesses and facilities with greater control for managing practices such as; touchless solutions, thermal screening, access control, occupancy counting and reducing the spread.

Smart security solutions to combat COVID

Thermal Temperature Monitoring

The Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Camera monitors contactless and continuous non-invasive detection of elevated skin temperatures. Hybrid technology combines both thermal and visible light sensors that provide temperature monitoring, and the visible light sensor provides visual identification.

Touchless Solutions

Door Readers

The Neptune B6K door reader is an access controlled key pad supporting up to 2,000 users and is equipped with an EM & HID card reader. Suitable for internal and harsh external environment for both commercial and residential applications. The reader card eliminates the need to touch the key pad, reducing the spread of germs.

Sensor Buttons

The Neptune Touchless exit button features IR sensors with LED indicator. Contactless motion detection helps to reduce the spread of germs and prevents cross contamination.

Door Automation & Door Closers

The Lockwood 8002 Electronic Door Operator is an electron-hydraulic system, suitable for almost all types of external and internal swing doors. The operator can be mounted on either side of the door for push or pull action and suitable for single or double doors. Motion sensors allows touchless entry and exit solutions.

Occupancy Counting Technologies

The Dahua Retail Flow Control System offers customers accurate and real-time occupancy monitoring. Powered by an AI camera, the system automatically counts people entering and exiting a single entrance point. This system alleviates the need for staff to physically count and man a station. It is an efficient and effective way to manage occupancy and distancing practices.

Bluetooth Mortice Strike Locking Devices

The Verroo Smart Mortice Strike features bluetooth technology, providing toothless entry and exiting via a mobile device. The AES128 encryption provides protection when communicating and sharing access with zero web presence. Allowing up to 30 users and timed access keys.

Antibacterial Door Furniture

The Purehold Lever Antibacterial Door Handle Cover uses silver technology that combats pathogens left on the surface by users. Working 24/7 it reduces cross-contamination form one user to the next. Independently tested and proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Foot Pull Door Opener

The StepNpull door opener is foot operated and works on any non-latching commercial metal wood door. An easy way to reduce the spread of germs by allowing touchless entry into a workplace.

Bluetooth Safe Locking Mechanisms

The Ross BLE Bluetooth digital locking mechanism allows access to a safe via smartphone entry. Featuring access control functionality all authorized users data is securely stored. Data is stored off the grid and does not use internet or cloud storage. Contactless access reduces the spread of germs.

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