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Salto KS


Salto KS Advantages

  • Completely wireless
  • Plug & play - no configuration required
  • Lock management in the cloud
  • Remote access via a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Add & remove users in immediately 
  • No software installation
  • Scaling on any device
  • Secured login
  • Intuitive design
  • Manage locks, people, messages and access rights in real time
  • Used on any device & any platform

SALTO KS is a cloud-based access control system

It’s attractive design and innovative functions deliver a cutting-edge and user-friendly cloud based access control solution.

The great advantage of Salto KS is real-time functionality. The intuitive software allows you to manage keys, users and doors across multiple locations from the web or from the APP. It’s secure and easy to use.  

It’s ideal for co-working environments. SALTO KS makes access control a clever solution giving you control over who goes where and when in a building. Grant easy access and track movement of visitors, employees, trades, services and deliveries.  

IQ Hub

The IQ is the hub of the system and communicates will all the doors. It finds the best connectivity to communicate with SALTO KS locks and the SALTO KS apps.

Wireless Cylinders

The Salto KS electronic wireless cylinders are compact in size and are an ideal solution for almost all door types where conventional electronic handle sets are not possible to fit. The wireless cylinders take commands from the IQ Hub inside the property.

No more Keys …. Your new Tag

Keys are replaced with the Salto KS tag, attractive design and available in various colours.  Simply assign a tag and grant access as you please. You can add more tags when needed, and blocked if lost or stolen. The great advantage is that you can block users in real-time without any delay.

Aus Lock & Safe can design and build a Salto KS access control system that is customised to your security needs. 

Contact us on (03) 9315 5910 for a free onsite demonstration and quote.