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Abus TVAC16000



The ABUS 16000 offers everything you need to put this CCTV straight into operation. Featuring a wireless outdoor camera for 24/7 operation and a touch screen 7" wireless monitor. This system is ideal for residential homes, restaurants, retail, offices and small businesses. It is also effective to monitor a vacant property using remote access.

The 7" monitor serves as a surveillance centre, allowing you to keep an eye on everything. The device is easy and fast to operate with the user-friendly recorder menu on a touch-screen. Video recordings are made to an SD card in the monitor. 

Remote access allows you to see what is going on when you are on the go. This is done through the downloadable ABUS app.  When Internet connection is on you can use the app to view live images of all system cameras.

Images are transmitted between the camera and the monitor on a secure basis. This eliminates the possibility of third parties viewing images or listening in.

The Abus TVAC16000 comes complete with the monitor and one wireless camera. The system can connect with up to four cameras, so you can add up to three additional cameras (TVAC16010).

Features & Benefits

  • Complete set includes: 1 x IR wireless outdoor camera, monitor, and docking station.
  • Video transmitted through encrypted digital radio
  • IP66 outdoor camera is compact with infrared night vision function. 640 x 480 pixel resolution.
  • 7" colour touch-screen monitor. Operates on rechargeable batteries.
  • Mobile access via iPhone & iPad app
  • Remote access via LAN using the docking station.
  • Battery for monitor charge on docking station
  • Extend up to four wireless cameras (TVAC16010)
  • Easy to operate

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