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Abloy Protec 2

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is the latest security innovation in the development of the unique ABLOY® rotating disc cylinder keying systems that offers superior security features and benefits. The rotating discs as an alternative for traditional springs and pins adds increased security measures and protection. 

The unique design makes the ABLOY® PROTEC2 cylinders virtually pick proof and bump proof. The disc blocking system (DBS) is a patented feature that stops attempts to manipulate the discs.

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is protected for many years to come and patented until 2031.

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is a keying system platform for master key systems, key alike systems or to individually key a range of cylinder variations to suit most locks available in Australia.

This system is SCEC Endorsed and is used worldwide for professional high security solutions in industries such as; 

  • Government and Institutional
  • Transportation and Utilities 
  • Telecommunications
  • Health & Education
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • Corporate applications

Ultimate high security features can be further achieved by integrating the CLIQ technology with ABLOY® PROTEC2 to utilise both mechanical and electronic identification. Communication is encrypted. Cylinders and keys can record audit trails.   

Key Features

  • Patented until 2031
  • Australian design registered until 2021
  • Virtually pick proof design
  • Fully resistant against bumping
  • SCEC endorsed
  • Over 1.9 million master key combinations
  • Intelligent software provides a user friendly tool to facilitate administration
  • Certified testing and rating; U.L 437 and EN 1303:2005 rated
  • Durable design and reliable operation without pins and springs
  • AWS™ Anti Wear System - A patented mechanism in the key and cylinder that prolongs the life cycle
  • DBS™ Disc Blocking System - Unique disc blocking system, DBS™, works using return bars. DBS™ stops any attempt to manipulate discs individually in the cylinder by locking the discs together as one solid package, thereby eliminating any attempts to manipulate or bypass the cylinder
  • Rear Loaded Cylinder - Increases security of cylinder against attack
  • Able to be upgraded to ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ
  • Upgradeable systems can combine mechanical master key systems with electromechanical functions

Customer Benefits over other keying systems

  • Wear Resistance – Minimal wear and tear compared to spring loaded cylinders
  • Strong All Metal Key – Highly resistant to breakage and life time guarantee on keys
  • Legal Protection – Worldwide patent until 2031
  • Pick Resistant – The cylinder is virtually pick-proof
  • Drill Resistant – Hardened steel profile plate provides a significant barrier to drill attack
  • Bump Resistant – The rotating disc tumblers make PROTEC2 unaffected by key bumping
  • Corrosion Resistance – The unique rotating disc tumblers have increased resilience against eroding environments than cylinder mechanisms
  • Specialised Machinery – Only authorised distributors have machinery to cut keys.
  • Unauthorised Key Manufacture – The movable element in the key profile provides the highest level of protection against unauthorised key cutting

Aus Lock & Safe is an authorised ABLOY® PROTEC2 distributor and can design and build a Protec2 locking system that is customised to your security needs.

Call Aus Lock & Safe on 1800 AUS LOCK (287 562) for a free onsite demonstration and quote.

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