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BiLock New Generation

BiLock Key System

New Generation BiLock!

BiLock is manufactured by The Australian Lock Company and has a strong history of 20 years as a maximum security locking system.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior design features a twin blade key
  • High technological security with 12 pin program in tumbler
  • High security moving element within the key
  • The key head has a modern, innovative look
  • Extremely difficult to duplicate
  • Only authorised distributors can cut keys
  • Master keying capabilities to ensure optimal security. 
  • Extensive colour coded key heads allows easy identification of keys
  • Option for braille inscribed numbering into the key head 
  • Option for a company logo to be embossed into the key head

High Tech Design

This 13th dimension cannot be activated without the moving security rod which contributes to the high level of security of BiLock. 

Patent Protection

The New Generation BiLock has patent protection until 2019.

Design Registration

BiLock key blanks are protected from unauthorised duplication by registered design of The Australian Lock Company key profile.

Adaptable to First Generation BiLock

New Generation BiLock can be modified to adapt with a First Generation BiLock system. First Generation system users can upgrade to New Generation BiLock without the need to invest in a complete new locking system. The cylinder body remains unchanged initially for QCC applications.

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