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Lockwood GEN6T

Lockwood GEN6T Restricted Keying System

The Lockwood GEN6T a is legally protected keying platform that uses the patent protected T Pin. This provides legal protection to your restricted key system and offers high security to control your keys.

Aus Lock & Safe can securely store all records relating to your individually registered Generation Six restricted keying system.

Your duplicate keys will only be cut with the authorisation of your nominated personnel and are only available from Aus Lock & Safe. Your keying system can be customised to suit your requirement and is suitable for retro-fit installations.

Features & Benefits

  • Affordable key control
  • High Strength nickel silver keys
  • Legally protected design registered profile, ensures security by guarding against unauthorised manufacture of keys
  • Each system is registered and signature control applies to all orders
  • Easy to identify with colour coded key inserts
  • Suitable for new and retro-fit installations
  • All Australian design and manufacture

Legal Key Control

Legally protected keying platform in the form of patents in various countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Aus Lock & Safe - GEN6T® Authorised Service Centre

We’re a GEN6T® Authorised Service Centre. Your key system is registered and signatory control management is enforced to protect duplication of keys. 

Identification of Keys

Colour coded key inserts allows easy identifications of keys. There are 12 colours to choose from.

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