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Lockwood Twin

Lockwood Twin Key System

Lockwood Twin High Security Restricted Keying System

The Lockwood Twin high security restricted keying system achieves a very high level of key control while also providing increased physical security over basic restricted keying systems.

Features & Benefits

  • High Security Keying System
  • Pick and Drill Protection
  • Colour Coded Key Inserts
  • Large Master Keying Capabilities
  • Patent Protected
  • Dual Pinning Mechanism
  • Retrofits into most existing locks 

Legal Key Control

The Lockwood Twin ensures protection against unlawful duplication and distribution of key blanks and cut keys. Aus Lock & Safe is an authorised distributor of the Lockwood Twin Restricted Key System.


Lockwood Twin is fully patent protected until 2019. Patents protect the cylinder lock and key combination and the key blank. It ensures legal exclusive access to cylinders, keys or key blanks to authorised distributors such as Aus Lock & Safe. 

Design Registration

Key blanks are protected from unauthorised manufacture and duplication by registered design of the Lockwood Twin key profiles.


Cylinders are available for Lockwood Twin to suit both new and retro-fit installations. Cylinders are available to suit all Lockwood commercial locksets and the majority of all other commercial grade hardware installations.

Typical Applications

The Lockwood Twin offers high security where master keying is required. Suitable for businesses such as; government departments, retail and tourism complexes, offices, industrial and infrastructure industries, health sector, education sector and municipalities.

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