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Master Locksmiths ML20

The Master Locksmith ML20 is the latest Restricted Key System endorsed by the Master Locksmith Association Australia (MLAA).

With a 10-year design registration on ALL 4 Key Profiles (A,B,C & M) you receive a TRUE 10-year registration on a multi-profile site.

This highly restricted system is Aus Lock & Safes preferred key system that we recommend to our clients.

“One of the hardest inline restricted systems to manipulate”

System Profiles A,B,C,M+ in all Barrel Types

Product Specification

  • Designed by Master Locksmiths, the best in the industry
  • Superior key profile design, ensures the key clamps & cuts correctly and is one of the hardest inline restricted systems to manipulate
  • Key Profiles A,B,C & M. M is a Master profile. M Keys will work in Barrels that accept either keys A,B,C or M
  • Keys are made of "Nickel Silver" to provide optimum strength
  • Barrels come in profiles A,B,C & M+. "M+" Barrels are unique and will accept ALL A,B,C & M Keys
  • Keys and Barrels are manufactured together to ensure the highest tolerances
  • Supported by the MLAA and the Locksmith Industry in Australia & New Zealand

10-year design registration until 2030

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