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Unlock the Future of a Modern Workplace

Cost-effective access control technology

SMARTair™ is a state of the art powerful access control system that offers an intelligent and simple step up from traditional keys. SMARTair™ is easily integrated into existing systems and buildings, with multiple management solutions.

Real-time access control

SMARTair’s intuitive access control software and wireless door entry system, provides a detailed security overview of your building: who enters, where and when? With a SMARTair access control system, you stay in control, in real time.

Time-saving management of keys & users

SMARTair has a portfolio of tailor-made solutions! You can choose the system you need to manage access. Time schedules and permissions for different user groups are easy to create. So, if a key-card is lost, cancelling it and issuing a replacement is simple and instantaneous. If staff members or cleaners are only permitted access during certain times, SMARTair electronic locks can handle it.

Built around three main elements

With smart management software, facility managers control, identify and update exactly who can open every door. The user-friendly interface is accessible from almost any standard PC, tablet or smartphone.

There are SMARTair locks and other devices to secure just about any opening, in all kinds of buildings. Our escutcheons and cylinders fit interior and exterior doors. Wall readers control access to lifts, high-traffic entrance doors, and car parks. Cabinet locks ensure documents or medicines are safe, and are fully monitored within the main access control platform.

SMARTair also gives users a choice of credentials, so they can open doors securely with a fob or mobile phone, as well as a standard electronic key-card. Lost or stolen keys no longer present a problem, because these secure electronic credentials can be cancelled or reissued instantly.

A modern, mobile solution for your premises

SMARTair mobile solutions give security administrators the ability to open electronic door locks remotely — from the palm of their hand, from anywhere. With our Bluetooth-powered Openow app, site users receive virtual keys on a smartphone, so there’s no need to visit a security office to update their credential.

SMARTair™ Wireless Online

SMARTair™ Wireless Online is a revolutionary Access Control platform that combines wireless enabled Escutcheons and Wall Readers, connected Hubs and intuitive Management Software, while still retaining the benefits of not having dedicated data cable. Having each door connected via wireless allows the user to monitor events in real time, remotely open/close doors and automatically update Access privileges.

Wireless Online Features

  • High user traffic, real time control
  • Update of access rights and audit trails via communication hub in real time
  • Scheduled access rights possible
  • Remote door opening functionality via PC and software or via mobile app
  • Communication hub: TCP/IP connection with database, radio frequency 868Mhz with doors, 30 doors to 30meters remote, IP65, power 110-220VAC or 12VDC
  • Intuitive mobile app to open doors from your smartphone. Available iOS and Android.

SMARTair™ Update on Card

SMARTair™ Update on Card (UoC) utilises Proximity Credential Read/Write technology, to carry the information to the doors. This overcomes the huge cost and expense of having to cable or to create infrastructure specifically for an access system. Information from the Software makes its way via Encoders and Programmers to provide a 'virtual network' system capable of providing User Time Zone Restrictions, Auto Unlock Times, Audit Trails, from one to an unlimited number of doors.

Update on Card Features

  • Medium to high user traffic, automatic control
  • Update access rights via user cards
  • Wall updater is the link between software and doors
  • Scheduled access rights possible
  • Automatic read-out of audit trails
  • Low battery alert report
  • Wall-Updater: TCP/IP connection to database, Read & Write functionality with13.56Mhz credentials

SMARTair™ Standalone

SMARTair™ Standalone systems do not require special software or Programmers to setup and maintain User records. A simple Programming Card is used to Add or Delete Users. This makes these systems as simple to install as a standard lock and simpler to use than even a key.

Standalone Features

  • Low user traffic, few doors to control
  • Update access rights by programming card at the door
  • No access control software required
  • “Shadow card” functionality (no need to delete all cards if one is lost).
  • Available emergency kit for door opening when battery fails
  • 500 User Card/Tags
  • Utilises 3 x AAA Batteries (Included with product)
  • Provides up to 40,000 operations on a single battery set

SMARTair™ Brochures

For more information, view the brochures below.

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