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Lockwood Digital Deadbolt

Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt


The Lockwood keyless digital deadbolt offers innovation in door locking solutions. It is ideal for use on existing door locks or new doors.  The Keyless Digital Deadbolt is suitable for internal and light commercial doors such as shop fronts or storerooms.

The Keyless Digital Deadbolt by Lockwood provides flexibility with the use 20 user codes, a master code and a visitor code that can be valid for up to 14 days. It comes with a weather resistant keypad, key override for emergencies, low battery warning and many other features for your convenience and safety.

Features & Benefits

Touch Screen Keypad - No mechanical buttons which means no trace of your private pin code.

Pin Code Allowance – The master pin code manages up to 20 pin codes.

Cryptic code function - Prevent an onlooker from identifying your pin code. 

Visual Guide for Programming - A light guide will assist programming your lock.

Low Battery Consumption – 4 x AA alkaline batteries will unlock a door for approximately 12 months if used approximately 10 times per day. When the battery level reaches less than 30% a battery icon will flash.

Emergency Key Override - If the battery power is completely lost you can use the key override.

User Code that Expires - You can program a code that lasts from 3 hours to 14 days. Ideal when a tradesman or neighbour requires access to your home.

Code Lockout Settings – You can deactivate the keypad from the inside to Privacy mode. This provides a secure environment from others who have pin code access.

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